Tech support

The Film & Vinyl Designs Tech Support Service is available Monday through Friday during working hours (from 8 AM to 5 PM, US Central Time).

To provide sufficient access to our technicians, please, make sure that you have the system administrative privileges on your PC before requesting the tech support.

Windows 10/11 sometimes comes with the Security Mode turned ON. This will block the installation of our tech support tool. Please read the instructions on how to turn off the Windows Security Mode.


Download did not work?

You can use the Tech Support Private Session if the previous download link did not work. Please call the Film & Vinyl Designs technician first. The technician will provide a PIN code.

After hours tech support

For questions or concerns regarding subscriptions, refunds, or other financial matters, please get in touch with our office team during regular business hours (from 8 AM to 5 PM, US Central Time).

Please note our after-hours technical support focuses exclusively on providing technical assistance and cannot address billing-related inquiries.

What is the FVD Remote Technical Support tool?

The FVD Remote Technical Support tool is a program that allows FVD technicians to connect to a customer’s desktop through the Internet. The FVD team uses this tool for helping customers with the FVD System deployment and other technical issues.

Is it secure?

Yes, the FVD Technical Support tool uses a secure channel protected with SSL encryption. FVD technicians cannot access your computer without your permission.

What are the requirements?

The FVD Tech Support Tool runs on the MS Windows platform with an Internet connection. Please, make sure that you have administrative permissions on your computer before making a call, otherwise, our technicians will not be able to help.

How can I get tech support with this tool?

If you did not install the Film Designs package, then you can download the FVD Remote Tech Support tool from the FVD website using the following link Download tool. You can also use the private session from

If the FVD Film Designs package is installed, then look for the Tech Support tool shortcut on your desktop.

FVD Tech support shortcut

If you could not find the Tech Support shortcut, then run the FVD Client v2, go to the main menu and click the “Request remote support” item.

FVD Client shortcut

FVD Tech support tool

The FVD Remote Tech Support tool will run and check for updates. Before starting the session, please fill in all fields with your account information: your name, company name, phone number and license key number.

What is the tech support private session?

The private session is an alternative way to establish the tech support channel in case the common mode does not work. This approach requires you to notify the technician by phone or e-mail about the need for tech support. Use the following link for downloading the applet. It will require your license key number.

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