Film Design Professional

Film Design Pro is a graphics solution with all the features of a full graphic /sign software. Film Design Pro even has the features of the high-end graphics solutions like the ability to import EPS files, trace bitmaps, outlines, text tools and deformations. Film Design Pro has a full database of patterns for either tint or paint protection or a combination of patterns. Package subscriptions are offered on a monthly or annual basis and the user has unlimited access to the patterns for the duration of the subscription.

Film Design Pro has customized tools added to make it work even better than other packages on the market and was built to be the easiest package to use. Film Design Pro also has an optional accounting package (at no extra charge) that allows the user to do as much or as little to acquire reports as needed. Accounting package tools include invoices, P.O.’s, warranty forms, inventory, employee pay, and other reporting and tracking abilities. Many reports can be customized and the accounting can be used with as little work as the user desires to get just the reports needed. Film Design Pro is, by far, the most popular of the Film Design offerings and continues to be the primary product for Film & Vinyl Designs.


One of the greatest features of Film Design software allows the Installer to update their database in real time via our online database, email or CD. This enables them to stay up-to-date with the most current patterns on the market. Other features include:

  • Resize tool
  • Rotate tool
  • Nesting tool
  • Unidirectional cutting
  • Quick cut
  • Cut log
  • Saving of files
  • Manipulation of patterns
  • Optional levels of security
  • Feed back Email to the Film Designs staff
  • Rotate to zero
  • Ability to add text to windows
  • Ability to add graphics to windows
  • Quick integrated access to pattern database
  • User preference of long or short window patterns
  • Simple clip art and graphics included

It is through working with our customers that has allowed Film Designs to become the most sought after program with the best patterns on the market.

See how it works:

Cutting Window Tint Patterns with the GX-400 Cutter