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Film Designs features FD PRO VD
Standard features Enabled Enabled
Exchange files with other customers with same edition via application dependable file formats Enabled Enabled
Exchange files with other customers with all editions via the open file format (EPS)   Enabled
Printing   Enabled
FVD Registration required Enabled  
FVD Web applications for 3rd parties Enabled  
Additional software
FVD Client (required for accessing FVD patterns database) Enabled  
FVD Accounting Enabled  
FD Automation tool Enabled  
FVD Designer’s tool Enabled  
Technical support
Standard, during working hours (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM) Enabled Enabled
Extended support, custom software development (may require additional payments) Enabled  

Standard features

All editions of Film Design and Vinyl Design have a standard set of features:

  • Unidirectional cutting
  • Resizing
  • Rotation
  • Nesting
  • Text rendering
  • Curving
  • Cutting
  • Cut logging
  • Import from other file formats and tracing
  • Simple clip art and graphics included


Exchange files with other customers

Each edition of the Film Design has its own file format. Exchanging between Film Designs PRO and Vinyl Designs is also impossible.

Export to EPS

No other edition except Vinyl Designs allows user to save designs in open file format, which can be then reopened in 3rd party application as long as in all editions of Film Design. We have chosen the EPS file format which is simple and supported by leading graphics products such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.


Film Design PRO cannot send the design to printer, while Vinyl Design can do this easily. This feature is useful for signs makers.

FVD registration

Registration required to gain an access to the kits store, which is a remote data base on FVD server. Registration will activate customer’s account.

Customization of available package

This feature allows compiling customer’s dependent package. For example, if car store needs only Ford and Chevrolet kits, then there is no need to download all the rest, package will be small and update will run very fast. If customer would want to extend the package, then this could be done easily by administrator.

FVD Web applications for 3rd parties

Film & Vinyl Designs provides tools for accessing FVD patterns from 3rd parties web sites. There are two approaches - basic one, called FVD Patterns Browser and more flexible, based on SOAP web service.

Extended technical support

There is no exact list of services that can be provided under the extended technical support, because customer may have a variety of needs starting from choosing a plotter and finishing with custom application development. Depending on these needs Film & Vinyl Designs will provide required services within the bounds of its capabilities.

Custom applications development is a part of the extended technical support but this service is not covered by the annual payments. Implementation and payment issues in this case should be discussed in private order. Contact us for more information.