Patterns API

What is Patterns API?

This is a web service hosted on the FVD server. It provides REST API that can be called from any website. API functions fetch data from our database, such as Makes, Models, Trims, Years and kit details like description, sqft, difficulty and suggested price.

What is this for?

With the help of our API, you can show patterns, metadata and previews on your websites.

Is it hard to add it to someone’s website?

Website administrators must have minimal skills in HTML and JavaScript.

Does it require any programming?

If you want extra functionality or a different look - yes. The extra functionality is a functionality that is beyond our “jump start” demo.

The “jump start” demo?


The demo page has both HTML and JS code.

Are there live examples?

More sophisticated implementation - our patterns page.

What programming languages can be used with this API?

Any. The programming language is not essential. The important thing is that calls must be made from the allowed domain (or IP) and that the first call should always be the ../auth with a token (see “jump start” demo).

What is required to get access to Patterns Web API?

The access token. The token, in turn, implies the following:

  1. Active FVD license (defines available patterns and expiration);
  2. List of domains or IPs from which you are going to make calls to our API;
  3. Your website must be HTTPS

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