Film & Vinyl Designs software is a suite that consists of the following applications:

  • Vector Design Tool

    Provides a complete vector graphics design capabilities and cutting drivers for plotters

  • Database Access Tool

    Implements a convenient way to access the patterns in the Database

  • Database Synchronization Tool

    Manages the license and updates routines

  • Accounting Tool

    Material and labor management Tool aimed to simplify the interaction between business and customers

  • Reporting Tool

    Affords powerful yet simple reports management for user demands

  • Tech support Tool

    Helps our customers to resolve all kinds of issues they may face by direct access to our tech support team

Vector Design tool - Film Design 4.0

Film Design 4.0 is graphics solution with all the features of a full graphic / sign software. Film Design Pro even has the features of the high-end graphics solutions like the ability to import EPS files, trace bitmaps, outlines, text tools and deformations. Film Design Pro has a full database of patterns for either tint or paint protection or a combination of patterns. Package subscriptions are offered on a monthly or annual basis and the user has unlimited access to the patterns for the duration of the subscription.

Film Design 4.0 has customized tools added to make it work even better than other packages on the market and was built to be the easiest package to use. Film Design also has an optional accounting package (at no extra charge) that allows the user to do as much or as little to acquire reports as needed. Accounting package tools include invoices, P.O.’s, warranty forms, inventory, employee pay, and other reporting and tracking abilities. Many reports can be customized and the accounting can be used with as little work as the user desires to get just the reports needed. Film Design Pro is, by far, the most popular of the Film Design offerings and continues to be the primary product for Film & Vinyl Designs.

  • Base shapes
  • Text tools
  • Tracing tool
  • Transformation tools
  • Weld and trim tool
  • Slicing tool
  • Hand drawing
  • Auto nesting feature
  • Cuts logging
  • VIN and P.O. tracking
  • Multiple users support
  • Multiple plotters support
  • Scanner TWAIN support
  • Opens .ai, .eps, .pcw, .plt, .wmf, .dxf, bitmap files

Database Access Tool

Provides a convenient way to access the patterns, search and organize them. Contains numerous useful features such as:

  • Tree view filter which is preferable for Tint patterns
  • Drop down filter which is more convenient for Paint types
  • Filter by years, authors and makes
  • Color code by Authors
  • Custom lists for quick access to user defined patterns sets
  • Prices management
  • User patterns organizer
  • Price Tag tool
  • Filter by years, authors and makes
  • Pattern Request tool which allows customers to claim for new patterns
  • Pattern Comment tool
  • VIN tracking

Database Synchronization Tool

The Data Client which pulls patterns and software updates from server. The Database Synchronization Tool is an Agent that helps putting all applications into the one robust product.

  • License and subscription management
  • Data and software updates
  • Local database management

Accounting Tool

A complete solution to track expenses and profit, make invoices and reports.

  • Jobs concept
  • Material inventory
  • Labor management
  • Invoices
  • Fully customizable
  • Flexible labor assignment rules
  • Automatic labor assignment
  • Multiple employees support

Reporting Tool

The reporting Tool is a port to all data in this software suite. It provides reports for every part of the System, starting with patterns catalog and ending up with detailed reports for jobs in Accounting tool.

  • Simple Cut Log Reports with information about cuts
  • Extended Cut Log Reports with emulated material assignment
  • Material Inventory and Consumption reports
  • Jobs and Labor reports
  • Expenses vs Revenue report
  • Scheduled reports with sending to an e-mail
  • Multiple filter configurations
  • Price calculations formulas
  • Width rounding to standard roll widths
  • VIN or Order grouping

Tech support tool

Our tech support team uses the dedicated tool which allows a remote connection to our customers computers to help them with any issues they may face.

  • Remote desktop manipulation
  • File transferring
  • Multiple technicians in same session
  • Chat
  • Worldwide