Make sure you have really expired before making a payment

How is that?

If you have ever given us your credit card number and agreed to an automatic charge, you should check the actual expiration date on the server to ensure that it has indeed expired.

Older versions of the software will not pull the new expiration date from server automatically, so you need to check it yourself.

1. Run the program

If you see the warning message about expiration, click the "Register" button.

2. Perform Registration

On the Registration form click "Register", then "Save", then "OK".

Close the registration form

3. Still expired?

OK, then proceed with payment.

Pay with credit card


If you are sure that the money was taken from the card, but the license expiration date has not changed, then most likely we simply did not have time to process your transaction.

In this case:

During our work hours (Mon-Friday, 8AM-5PM US Central Time) - Contact us to clarify transaction and Credit Card details.

Afterhours and during weekends - Use Chat (icon to the right bottom corner on the website that says "Chat") to talk to our agents and resolve the issue.


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