Subscription Plans*


Tint or Paint Protection only


Tint and Paint Protection



Tint or Paint Protection only


Tint and Paint Protection



Tint or Paint Protection only


Tint and Paint Protection


*Customers outside the US require prepayment for the USB key. This payment is fully refundable if the key is returned within 90 days of purchase.

What is the difference?

There are 2 major groups of patterns - Tint and Paint Protection.

Tint patterns consist of 2 subgroups - Short and Long, where Short are patterns that do not go under the gasket while Long patterns go 3/8ths inch below the bottom gasket on all rollup windows (sometimes requiring the installer to pull the door panels open to have better access under the gasket of the rollup windows).

Paint protection patterns combine several types, like Bumpers, Hood-Fenders-Mirrors, Lights and others.

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What is in the package

The Software suite or the Software package always includes all available applications. We do not limit our users in functionality and if you are buying a license you have access to all of the features.

  • USB key with the license
  • Instant access to new patterns and updates
  • Instant access to the software updates
  • Vector Design and Cutting tool (aka Film Design 4.0)
  • Database Access Tool
  • Database Synchronization Tool
  • Accounting tool
  • Reporting tool
  • Tech support during 8AM-5PM Central Time

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What about computer and plotter?

We provide a complete film cutting solution which includes both software and hardware with further support and repair services. Check out our Equipment page for hardware options.