Pricing Tables

What is the Pricing Tables feature?

The Pricing Tables is the list of rules based on the patterns attributes, that allows to specify the patterns price calculation logic in the reports. The Pricing Tables feature is a part of the FVD Client software reporting system that is included into the FVD FilmDesign Package.

The Pricing Tables feature also allows editing the pattern prices in the FVD Patterns Browser. To perform price editing, the pricing table should be uploaded to the FVD server.

How do I start using the Pricing Tables?

Start the FVD Client, then click on the Reporting tab and proceed to Pricing. Right click on the left pane, and in the pop-up window select “Create new group” option and then “Create new pricing table”. Select your new pricing table and add rules on the right pane (right click, “Add rule”).

The rule define the following:

  • What will be used as a condition;
  • What calculations will be made if condition is true.

The condition for patterns is the Pattern Type (Tint, Bumper, Hood and others). This means that all calculations are based on these pattern types.

The Price rule allows the following calculations:

  • Multiply the original price;
  • Add to the original price;
  • Conduct the calculation based on the pattern SqFt.

First two actions can be combined.

For example, we have a Tint Long (or Short) pattern and its original price is $200. We create the Pattern Type rule for Short and Long type with the multiplier 1.2 and then want to add another $25 to the resulting value. When the system processes this pattern, the original price will be multiplied by 1.2 and then increased by $25, as a result the new pattern price will be set to $265.

If we will conduct the calculation based on the pattern SqFt, then system will ignore the multiplier and “to add” value and use only the SqFt multiplier.

How many pricing tables can be created?

The FVD Client and its reporting sub-system supports unlimited number of pricing tables, that can be used in the reports.

Only one pricing table can be uploaded to the FVD server.

How can I use the Pricing Tables feature to control the FVD Patterns Browser prices?

Create a pricing table, add rules and then upload this pricing table to the FVD server. To upload the pricing table, right click on its title and select “Upload to server”. If there is a previously uploaded table, it will be overwritten.