Patterns Browser

What is FVD Patterns Browser?

The FVD Patterns Browser is a part of the FVD web site that can be built into any 3rd party web site by using the iframe HTML tag.

The FVD Patterns Browser contains the following parts:

  • The Filter, that allows to select Make, Model, Trim and Year;
  • The Patterns List dependent from the Filter settings;
  • The Shopping Cart for patterns purchases (optional).

The FVD Patterns Browser is included in the FVD subscription. This feature can be useful for customers who plan to sell patterns from their own web sites.

How do I get the FVD Patterns Browser?

In order to get the FVD Patterns Browser, you need to purchase any FVD FilmDesign Package (it includes software and subscription) and contact the FVD Administrator to enable this feature for your FVD account.

How do I embed the FVD Patterns Browser on my web site?

You simply need to add the following HTML code on any page of your web site:

<iframe src="{FVD account username}&showprice=true&showcart=true&yearfirst=true" scrolling="no" width="600" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Replace {FVD account username} with your FVD username.

Query string parameters:

Parameter name Value range Description Required Default value
data FVD username Yes
w 600-2000 Width of the main
No 600
h 600-2000 Height of the main
No 600
showdetails true/false Display details for patterns in a list (sqft, difficulty) No false
showprice true/false Display prices for patterns in a list No false
showcart true/false Toggles the Shopping Cart No false
yearfirst true/false Toggles the Tint/Paint filter mode.
In Tint mode the filter shows Make first, while in Paint mode it shows Year first
No false

How will I receive orders?

After customer completes the checkout process, the FVD Patterns Browser sends an e-mail with the list of the ordered patterns to the e-mail address specified in your FVD account. Customer receives an e-mail with the details of the order he placed.

How do I edit the patterns prices in the FVD Patterns Browser?

The pattern prices can be edited in the Pricing Tables. The Pricing Tables feature is a part of the FVD Client software reporting system that is included into the FVD FilmDesign Package. After a price table is uploaded to the FVD server, the prices will be recalculated in accordance to the predefined rules.

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