How to apply new expiration date?

You need to apply a new expiration date on the Client in the following cases:

1. You have paid for renewal;

2. You were given extra license days.

In both cases you need to get the new Expiration Date on the Client side.

To do this you simply need to repeat the Registration. During the registration the program will pull the Expiration Date from the Server.

Depending on whether your license has expired or is still active, you may see different warning messages, but eventually you will need to re-register.

If license has expired or close to expiration

When you start the program, you should see a block with an expiration warning and a "Register" button.

Click the "Register" button.

Perform Registration.

If license is far from expiration

Start the FVD Client application. If you double-clicked the FVD Client icon and nothing happens, check to see if it is already running in the Windows taskbar notification area. Click on the icon to maximize the FVD Client application.

On the main form click the "Registration" menu item or "Registration" button.

Perform Registration.